The Kensington School was developed by a group of educators and youth developers who saw the need for an Early Childhood Education Center in the Houston-Sugarland-Richmond area that would draw on the best practices of the Montessori education and would combine these practices with a focus on 21st century skills and technology to give young children a sound educational foundation. Too many of the childcare centers in the area seemed to be missing out on all of the opportunities to nurture the intellectual, social, cognitive, physical, and emotional development of the children in their care. The founders of The Kensington School felt that the Montessori approach is a proven, compelling model, but that several elements of the Montessori approach need to be updated to the 21st century. The founders also observed that the Houston-Sugarland-Richmond area does not seem to have rich offerings in after school and summer programming that is common in areas such as Silicon Valley.  Moreover, the founders felt that early childhood development centers should prepare students for the education demands of the future, including the Common Core, which emphasizes critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication, so that no matter where the child goes to school, he or she would be prepared to excel academically. Finally, the founding team felt that early childhood education centers should integrate technology and should constantly be integrating cutting edge educational practices, such as brain based learning.

Between them the group of educators and youth development specialists, who currently constitute the Board of The Kensington Schools, have four Masters degree in teaching and education; three other advanced degrees in Management and Law, including from Ivy League schools; years of experience teaching Montessori, elementary, and high school; trained other teachers; developed curriculum for other childcare centers, youth programs, and for high school students; operated summer youth camps; and served as executives with three youth-serving organizations including the YMCA and the Boys & Girls Clubs. 

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