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A Wholistic Curriculum customized for the Whole Child


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math are integrated into learning activities at Kensington creating a fun way to explore and learn about the world and experiment with their creative ideas.

Our Curriculum

The Kensington School's curriculum integrates the Montessori philosophy with 21st century skills development practices and cutting edge educational approaches to offer a program that is fun, addresses the needs of the whole child, and prepares our graduates to enter elementary school with a sound academic foundation.

21st Century Skills

In order to compete and excel in the 21st century, children need to be equipped with the skills that will guarantee success in today's world. This is why The Kensington School has purposely integrated 21st century skills into the Montessori curriculum. These skills include Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration.

Curriculum & Classrooms
Infant Community (6 weeks - 23 months)

The Infant community is set up to provide an infant’s first experience at school by providing them with care and love while taking advantage of the time they spend with us to play and conduct activities that promotes their development.

Our infant community has:

  • Low teacher to infant ratios
  • Sanitizing and cleaning throughout the day to help keep our babies healthy
  • Developmental activities based on research such as Learning sign language, Responding to their name, Stacking blocks, Picking up finger foods, Holding their bottle, Playing peek-a-boo, Blowing kisses, Exploring music and singing.
  • Our Infant Teachers have decades of experience caring for babies
  • Provide parents with updates and pictures via our app
Toddler Community (24-36 months)

The Toddler community introduces children to academic learning and the structure of a school day with direct guidance by their teachers. While the learning day begins to mimic a school classroom, the activities are hands on and utilizes play and fun that promotes their engagement, focus, and development.

  • Beginning the day with STEAM activities, students are encouraged to exercise their creativity in fun ways to construct anything their mind imagines with LEGO, tinker toys, connecting cubes, bristle blocks, an engineering coaster activity, stacking, sorting and counting activities. 
  • Students learn to hold writing utensils to practice tracing and coloring.
  • Conducting experiments such as growing plants, making snow, testing objects that sink and float, and making playdough.
  • Focusing on letter identification and phonetic sounds
  • Exploring math skills such as counting, comparing sizes and weights of objects, identifying shapes and sides.
Preschool Community (3 years - 4 years)

The Preschool community serve as an important developmental transition from the toddler stages.  Your child is continuing to be guided by the teacher in a variety of classroom activities in addition to being taught how to make choices independently of other learning they want to explore. Children are also beginning to foster friendships in the classroom and being taught how to collaborate more in small groups.  

  • Students continue to engage with STEAM activities and begin their day with Yoga. 
  • While our morning Montessori period encourages students to chose learning activities of their own interests they continue to be guided by Teacher through various methods of self discovery and problem solving. 
  • In preschool students will master spelling and writing their own name, learning the entire alphabet with their phonetic sounds, and expanding their vocabulary by exploring new word families and site words weekly.
  • Experimenting will be elevated to explore the world around us through understanding how things grow and flourish…
Pre-Kindergarten (4 years - 5 years)

The Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) community serve as the bridge to your child’s next big step, Kindergarten.  Thus, your child’s experiences in  Pre-K mimics a Kindergarten classroom and curriculum so the transition is smooth. While children are continuing to develop their academic skills with the guidance of the Teacher, students are also guided to develop their independent and collaborative learning skills.  

  • After morning STEAM activities, a student in the Pre-K class leads their peers in their favorite Yoga poses.  
Enrichment Activities & Partnerships


  • Child has an innate sense of wonder and a natural disposition to learn
  • Child is an empty vessel waiting to ‘be filled’—waiting to learn
  • Learner-centered with teacher as guide/facilitator
  • Teacher-centered class
  • Prepared self-correcting kinesthetic materials
  • Textbook, pencil, paper and worksheets where the teacher corrects errors
  • Individualized instruction, at a level consistent with the child’s development
  • Class oriented instruction, at class’ pace or teacher’s pace
  • Children exercise choice regarding what to work on and for how long
  • Teachers chooses what children will work on and for how long
  • Integrated subjects and learning based on developmental psychology
  • Individual subjects taught separately
  • Process focused
  • Whole child approach (cognitive, social-emotional, physical)
  • Only focused on imparting certain knowledge
  • Repeated use of materials is encouraged to develop investigative skills


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